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Farm & Ranch

If you live on a hobby farm or large farm MDL Insurance Services understands your unique insurance needs. From protecting your home and vehicles, to your farm equipment and livestock, we have insurance to protect you from the unexpected.


Consider personal liability insurance coverage to protect your assets in case someone is injured while visiting your farm, or you accidentally injure someone or damage their property while away from your premises. For increased liability coverage, consider  umbrella liability insurance. Home-based business liability coverage is available if you operate a business from your farm, such as a seed dealership, custom farming, or leased hunting.


If you have farm employees, you may also be required by law to have worker's compensation insurance.


You can choose the farm coverages that meet your needs and save money with our multi policy discounts.


Also talk to us about our Multi Peril Crop Insurance coverage. Because of ever-changing, government regulations, we have agents that focus only on your crop insurance needs.


To get a farm insurance or crop insurance quote, call our office at 641-872-1616.

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