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Have you reviewed your life insurance policy lately?

Why review?

1. Some old life polices run out at age 100! Mortality tables changed again in 2001 so chances are if you have a policy that was issued prior to that, your death benefit will run out at age 100. With people living longer due to the advances in medicine and healthcare, this could be a critical issue for tons of Americans.

2. Newer life polices include free riders which allow you to use a portion of your death benefit early for LTC (huge benefit as LTC policies are expensive and health care costs are higher than ever) and other uses.

What next?

Have us review your policy. It doesn’t take any time or effort on your end besides getting us the information. It also doesn’t matter what company or who it was originally issued with, we can run in-force illustrations to show you how your policy is currently performing and forecast what it will look like in the future using current assumptions. After careful analyzation you can decide if you want to do away with your current policy or roll the funds into a new policy. Depending on your health/age, we see a lot of clients obtain a new policy with an even larger death benefit, be able stop paying altogether or keep current premiums, and also see more growth with new policy features.

Treat your life insurance policy like you would your car-

Have current checkups, maintenance when necessary, and then get rid of it when it no longer fits your lifestyle or current situation/reasons you first bought it.

Think of all the new features included in cars today vs. back in the 80’s or 90’s! Some features aren’t maybe necessary or relevant to you, but a lot of the things like navigation, self driving assist, speed etc. are crucial to your safety and lifestyle needs.

Give us a call today to get started!


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