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D. Andrew Laing

Comprehensive planning and Investments

Common Questions

Investment Planning

Asset Allocations

What is your asset allocation strategy for stock, bonds, cash and alternatives like real estate, precious metals, and oil & gas?

Tactical Allocation

Do you consider large, medium, small, and international company exposure when making portfolio decisions?

Does your fixed income portfolio take credit, maturity, and duration consideration?

Asset Location

What is your strategy for placing different assets in different locations such as taxable, tax deferred and non-taxable accounts?

Tax-Efficient investing

Do your investments help mitigate your tax exposure, or do they cause it?

Retirement Planning

Savings Strategies 

Are you on track to reach your retirement investment goals?         

Are you saving enough?

Income Strategies

Do you have an income strategy that generates the monthly cash flows needed in retirement?

Do you know what is your sustainable withdrawal rate in retirement? 


Workplace Investments

How is your 401(K)/403(b) invested? 

What are your options within those plans? 

Benefits and Social Security

Do you know what your company benefits are? 

Do you know when is the best time for your to take social security? 

Risk Management 


How would a disability affect your income? If you already have coverage, do you fully understand the benefits? Is it enough to cover the rising costs? 


Do you have enough coverage to meet your family’s needs?

Does your current coverage have living benefits that you can use in case of serious illness or have a long term care need? Do you have too much coverage and would like to scale down? 

Outliving income

Do you have an income strategy that will meet both your essential and discretionary income needs for the rest of your life? 

"We work with large/small estate and business owners in determining the most efficient and suitable methods of transferring assets to future generations or heirs. Through careful conversations, and specific questioning, we help to uncover/identify the true concerns as well as intentions of my clients."

Family Conversations

Children and Education

What kind of financial assistance do you provide your children?

Do you have any special needs children/grandchildren?

Do you know your college savings options? 

Parents and Relatives

Do you provide financial assistance to your parents or those of your spouse?

How will their estate impact your financial plans?

Do your parents have a need for asset/income protection? Do you know what their options are? 


Questions are designed to help you when planning for your future. They are intended for educational purposes only. 

Securities (and investment advisory services) are offered solely through Signator Investment Corp.  Member FINRA/SIPC. 

Asset Protection

Estate Planning

What is your primary goal of estate planning? avoiding taxes, providing for your family, or charitable giving?

Many financial assets transfer without a will, have you reviewed your beneficiaries of these accounts? 

Will & Trusts

Do you have a will, living will, and health care directives? When were they last updated?

Do you have a durable power of attorney in the event that you cannot be reached or cannot make decisions?

If you have a trust, do your assets reflect the wishes of the trust? 

Wealth Transfer

What is your plan for providing and gifting to your heirs? 

Charitable Giving

What is your charitable giving strategy and how do you fund donations and make grants?

Do you know all of your options for giving today? 

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